Guinea Bissau

 Stacked Reservoir Opportunites

Block 5b:


Block 5b offshore (Becuda)

  • Joint Venture Agreement with State Oil Company Petroguin, effective Feb. 19th 2013
3 Exploration periods (18 months (+ 12 months extension granted), 18 months, 24 months)

  • Production period is maximum 40 years
Working Interest:

65% with a proportional 10% carry for Petroguin, meaning a net working interest of 58.5% for TAOL. The remaining 35% working interest is held by Sphere Petroleum Corp.


TAOL Guinea Bissau (Becuda) Ltd (100% subsidiary of TAOL)

Size: 5,500km2, water depth between 200 and 4000 meters

Block is covered by seismic data from different vintages:

  • 1,762km 2D seismic (28 lines) acquired in 2011 and processed in 2012 by TAOL
  • 1,722km 2D seismic (24 lines) acquired and processed in 2013 by TAOL
  • 2,700km2 3D seismic acquired in 2014 and processed in 2015 by TAOL.
Leads & Prospects:

Most attractive Plays : 

  • Albo-Aptian Deepwater Turbidites and slope fans plays _ basin / lower slope
  • Lower Cretaceous shelf edge carbonate plays _ shelf edge/upper slope
  • Albo-Aptian deltaic complex plays _ upper slope / shelf

Further the petroleum plays extend from proximal to distal environment:

  • On the shelf, fluvio-deltaic complexes in Albian and Aptian units and Pro-delta deposits, upper slope carbonate build-ups and erosional features
  • In the basin and on the lower slope, basin floor fans and slope fans.

A total of 20 attractive leads have been mapped

Guinea Bissau Block 5 Location Map
Kambo Prospect at Top Albian Depth
Albian Platform Depth