Prolific Region

The African Atlantic Margin ("AAM") evolution began in the early Aptian with the opening of the North and South Atlantic, which led to the formation of two conjugate basins in West Africa and South America. The significant discoveries in the Brazilian coast and deepwater is quite analogous to the West African Transform Margin.

The hydrocarbon revolution started in the AAM with the Jubilee discovery in Ghana (2007), continued with Venus in Sierra Leone (2009), the Tano Basin in Ivory Coast (2013) and most recently, with the FAN and SNE in the Senegal Basin (2014). These discoveries vindicate the belief of huge potential in this vastly underexplored frontier.

Very favorable petroleum systems exist with rich source rocks, high quality reservoir rocks and large turbidite fan/channel complex reservoirs extending into deep waters. Besides the huge oil accumulations, substantial gas resources are also expected.

Most of these undiscovered resources are offshore and much of it is in the deeper water. The cumulative known oil volume has more than doubled in the province since 1995, when the western part of Equatorial Africa became a deep-water hydrocarbon province.

Rift Basin Model Map